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Beat Your Face With Some Stars

Welcome to our sparklicious corner of the universe!

Star shaped glitter in all the colors of the rainbow!! Matte colors, flat colors and of course holographic colors!!


Use them on your body, hair, face, lips or nails!! The only limit is your imagination!


**not recommended for use in the immediate eye area, use in this area is at your own discretion **


Please note:

The FDA has determined that glitter is a color additive which is not listed on their list of approved color additives.  This means that a glitter product is not allowed for use in any cosmetic in the USA.   (It is important to know that these are allowed in Canada, China, the UK and most other countries).  Consumers have expressed confusion over this, as it is obvious that there is glitter in all kinds of cosmetics sold currently in the USA and there are no known reports of harm caused by glitter.

The FDA has not given an explanation, however it has advised us that it recognizes that the cosmetics industry is largely unaware of this determination and it is essentially providing the cosmetic industry a grace period during which FDA enforcement is "discretionary".  This grace period allows the cosmetics industry to "respond". The FDA has not provided  any information on how long this grace period has been in effect, nor how long it will be in effect.  They simply state the the issue is "active".